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The Electrum Group specializes in simplifying the Public Process: assisting junior venture companies with corporate finance, corporate communications, marketing, accounting, bookkeeping, administration as well as corporate governance.

We  facilitate clients in need of public vehicles, or in need of a new asset for their existing public company while bringing an extensive network of investment professionals, retail investors, and executives to assist in achieving high quality corporate advisory services.

Using a combination of shares-for-services, we help companies develop cost-cutting strategies, streamline corporate processes, develop corporate websites and improve compliance with exchange guidelines. These services are designed to help our clients survive in difficult markets, and thrive in good ones.

Public companies have enormous cash commitments including operations, taxes, auditors, financial reporting requirements, exchange related fees, staff and corporate overhead. At Electrum Group we recognize that a company’s cash reserve is worth its weight in gold, and believe its treasury needs to be used in ways which provide maximum reward to shareholders. We also understand the financial pressures these companies face. Therefore we offer our essential services through flexible payment methods, which include a combination of shares, options and cash.







Anna Serin has more than 15 years of experience in securities and corporate finance. She an unwavering passion, perseverance and commitment to the capital markets and investment industry. Anna works with public companies serving as corporate secretary, investor relations and corporate communications. She has aided companies with their financial execution, reporting and maintenance, debt settlement and negotiations as well as all public disclosure and filings. Ms. Serin has sat on several fundraising committees over the years including the Boys and Girls Club, St. Mary’s Hospital, and chaired the fundraising committee for the Halfmoon Bay Childcare Society, the YMCA and an avid member of Women in Mining.


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In these challenging economic times, innovation is key for both juniors and majors to survive and thrive. Our full suite of professional, corporate communications and marketing services are designed to help companies in the junior venture markets streamline operations, cut costs and achieve impressive results.

Corporate Advisory

Dealing with the unique challenges, difficult problems, untapped opportunities and the related complexities of these types of situations is what we thrive on.

Corporate Communications

Let us take the lead on crafting polished corporate presentations, handling incoming and outgoing call campaigns, and distributing high calibre corporate information in a timely fashion. 


Our swift in-house marketing and graphic design services will assist in the development and execution of high-impact marketing materials for all of your IR initiatives.

Website Design

Our website designs are contemporary and professional, without the ongoing monthly costs that burden many in the industry. We create sophisticated sites that support your brand and meet your business objectives, balancing fine form with functionality. 

News Releases

Ensure your company is reaching the right people at the right time. Our email campaign tracking and management tools allow us to immediately gauge interest and follow-up on individual activity. We offer reviewing, editing, dissemination, pre-clearance, SEDAR filing and the preparation of material change reports, as required.

Financial and Bookkeeping Services

Let us mind the pennies while you mind the pounds. We offer a full range of financial planning and bookkeeping services, managing your monthly financial records, assisting in budgeting and debt settlement. We educate companies on cost cutting strategies and assist with general fiscal maintenance. 

Event Coordination

Put a familiar face in front of your investors – a high impact opportunity that is often wasted due to lack of time and preparedness. We leverage our experience in organizing and attending trade shows, retail and analyst roadshows or property tours, to your advantage.

Search Engine Marketing

Increase awareness and generate leads by producing the kinds of content your audience is looking for. Our research-driven campaigns take the guesswork out of content production, allowing you to concentrate on more important things. 

HR Services

We offer access to a team of professionals within the industry who are available to provide their years of successful, accredited services on a contractual or permanent basis. These include Officers, Directors, CFO’s, CEO’s, legal counsel as well as technical and administrative support workers.

Administration & Corporate Governance

You can count on us to take care of all the details associated with compliance and corporate governance, from small tasks such as making sure the wire services post a news release, to major undertakings like managing contentious shareholder meetings.



A Time for Innovative Management

It's not just you. With 80% of TSX-V stocks now 10 cents or below, companies weathering depressed share prices and exhausted treasuries have a unique opportunity to position themselves for the inevitable market correction. At Electrum, we’re invested in your success as we become stakeholders and work to provide maximum shareholder value.

  Better Days Ahead: A Historical View

With a glance over the past two decades, we can see the massive corrections that occur after each downturn. Those who are strategic in their approach, effective in their spending and efficient in their processes in each downturn not only manage to weather the storm, but are positioned to come out as a leader when the tide turns.

A Picture of the Present: Three Rough Years

The TSX-V composite index has come down 60% over the past three years from its 2011 high. Compared to its big brother the TSX or worse yet, the Dow Jones, the Venture Exchange has seen a large majority lose 80-90% of their share price. But it’s their value relative to the market as a whole which matters most. The tides are shifting though. In early January, the S&P/TSX Venture Composite Index rose above the 200-day moving average for the first time in three years and is very close to experiencing a “Golden Cross” – when the short-term 50 day moving average crosses above the 200 day moving average – a sign that traders have historically seen as extremely bullish.

Nearly 80% of the 2,152 listings were trading at or below 10 cents


Almost 50% of listings were trading at or below 5 cents

Depressed Financings

Financings were down 37% in 2013 and we anticipate that many junior exploration companies are in for a similar 2014. Out of 410 junior exploration stocks, the average cash position is less than $700,000. and a further 30% of companies have less than $500,000. 

30% of Companies have less than $500,000


The average General and Administrative Expense Ratio, is above 65% which indicates that the majority of companies are unable to invest in creating value for their shareholders as a result of excessively high G&A costs.


Recent CSE Financings

Q1 – 2014 $39,208,902
Q2 – 2014 $31,470,295
Q3 – 2014 $39,183,768
Q4 – 2014
Total $153,161,122.28

New Issuers Listed (TSX-V 2014)


# of Venture Financings (TSX-V 2014)


Initial Public Offerings (TSX-V 2014)

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